Better Late Than Never

Well hello there.

I know. You thought I’d never come back to you. And I’m sorry.

Will you forgive my prolonged and unexplained absence if I promise never to leave you hanging like that again? I know, I know…7 months is a little more than just prolonged. But here’s the thing about this funny little thing called life: sometimes you just get lost.

You take one teeny little wrong turn without even noticing, then another, and then another…and then finally one day you look up and think how in the world did I end up here? 

In a career that I loathed. Making unhealthy choices for my body. Doing things that didn’t make me happy or leave me fulfilled. Following everyone’s advice but my own.

That’s the thing. We humans are so egotistical, always making the mistake of trying to tell one another what you or I should be thinking, feeling, doing. That it’s ok to not love our job {after all, no one loves their job! it’s just a way to pay the bills}. That getting our hearts broken ain’t no thang {because hey, there are SO many fish in the proverbial fucking sea}. That the amount of Instagram followers we have or likes per picture is a definitive indication of whether we’re succeeding in life.

That we’re somehow obligated to follow anything other than our own hearts for this one short and precious life we get to live.

And you know what? It truly is a short and precious life. Too short to give fucks where fucks don’t deserve to be given. Too short to be unhappy in a job. Too short to stay in relationships, romantic or otherwise, that no longer contribute to your happiness.  To short to not do exactly what you want to do, every single moment of every single day. Because someday, all of our moments? Poof. They’re gone. All used up.

There is something so breathtakingly beautiful about the people who recognize the frailty of this life. Who choose to rise above. The ones who fight like hell for what they believe, all the while refusing to let their hearts be hardened by the battles.

So. I got a little lost. And now I’m getting found. By learning to trust my own heart again. Remembering what’s important. Spending more time in places and with people that make me happy. Choosing happiness.

And the best news of all (for you anyway)…I’m finally back in the kitchen.




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