Tuesday Shoesday: Fall Wishlist

Would I be a total sell-out if I caved and bought Hunter rain boots? I mean, just the thought of spending $140 on rain boots is ludicrous. But every now and then I see them on sale. And me thinks they’d be the perfect addition to my rainy day fall outfits. Helllooo, football games.


(I had to choose purple. Huskies, duh.)

If I’m going to be a sell out, then I might as well do it all the way…go big or go home, right? I’ve wanted this bag since, well, pretty much forever. Somebody puh-leeaasseee buy it for me?


Well I’ll be hot damned, if this isn’t the perfect fall nail color, I don’t know what is.


Ooooobviously this list wouldn’t be complete without some booties


And last but not least. This watch. Ugh, I know. It’s not even a “fall” watch. It was on my summer wishlist, but as it turns out, Santa Claus doesn’t visit in the summer. So it’s just going to stay on my wishlist until Santa brings it for me.



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