Tuesday Shoesday

Last night, I was playing with my dog in my kitchen and bent over to grab her ball…in the process, my forehead made hard contact with my dining chair, I’m talking kamikaze style, resulting in a stream of not-very-ladylike words that mostly started with “F”, eyes watering profusely (I’d like to say this was a bodily reaction to the injury, but something tells me they were actually tears of shame), and a lump on my forehead the size of a grape. Wait, that doesn’t sound very big. More like a cherry. But a big cherry. Or even an apricot.

So if you’re ever feeling bad about yourself, just remember there are people in this world who can give themselves a full blown concussion just by existing. That ought to cheer you right up.

The only thing cheering me up this morning is this stunning bouquet of peonies. Like little clouds all tied up together. I die.


And in case you were wondering, yes, I know Tuesday Shoesday is for SHOES. I blame the concussion.


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