Tuesday Shoesday

Remember when I promised the obsession with booties would soon end? Well. It didn’t. I’ve bought three pairs in the past 2 months. Which is….kind of a problem. For my shoe rack (which is now well past full) and even more so for my bank account.

BUT. How #%^&@$^&#* cute are these booties?!


I love them. In fact, I wore them yesterday, even though they are:

  1. Clearly FALL booties. Not summer. And it’s still summer. For at least another month. (I refuse to admit that the sunshine will soon come to an end.)
  2. A half size too small because they were sold out of everything else. I couldn’t walk by the end of the day because my feet hurt so #%^@$^ bad. And then I cut my toe open on my front door. Which has nothing to do with the shoes, but if I’m having a pity party, I might as well go all out.
  3. Nearly four inches in the heel, which clearly puts me in the Shrek/Michael Jordan/Jolly Green Giant height category.

But I don’t even care. Not one little bit.

Happy Tuesday!


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