Tuesday Shoesday


Must I even explain?



Mr. and Mrs. Mansfield

The most beautiful of brides that has ever been…


Feeling quite blessed to have been a part of your day. So much love to you my friend.

{Photo by Suzanne Rothmeyer}

Friday Faves: This Beautiful Life

Ok, I know I promised I was finally back after having that phlegmy little lung issue (otherwise known as pneumonia), but clearly, I lied to you. Forgive me?

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind, and seemingly with no end in sight, but in the very best of ways. I celebrated the wedding of two close friends from college and danced until I couldn’t walk. I spent the most wonderful of weekends down in Portland with a very dear friend (and her beautiful family) and laughed so much my cheeks hurt for days after. And perhaps best of all? It’s finally Laura’s wedding weekend. I cried like a baby at the rehearsal last night, and I can only imagine what’s in store for the next couple of nights. More dancing, more laughter, more tears, and a whole lot of memories.

Laura, my beautiful friend…seven years ago, I got the sister I’d always wished for. Just kidding, we all know I was destined to have only brothers. But if I WERE to have a sister? You’d be it.  We’ve shared a love of Husky football, hot fudge sundaes, and rotisserie chicken. We’ve laughed more (and louder) than some people do in a lifetime. We’ve cried together over broken hearts and the great adventure that is life.

And if I’m being honest? I had doubts about Kelvin. It’s no small secret that I am fiercely protective of my family (duh, you’re in that category), and I wasn’t sure he could live up to the fairytale I had planned for you in my head. But he’s (and you’ve) grown more in four years than many do in decades, and seeing him now, today, I’ve never been more sure that this is it for you. That HE is it for you. The best thing anyone in this life can wish for is to see their loved ones happy, and my God, I think that boy would die before letting you be anything less.

So on the eve of your wedding, I’m saying a little prayer of thanks that the two of you found each other and despite all the ups, downs and in betweens, have stuck together. Kelvin and Laura, I am so thrilled to stand by your side tomorrow as you begin continue your happily ever after.