Monday, Monday…Can’t Trust That Day

This is the song that’s currently playing in my head right now. I’m not entirely sure why, as nothing has gone wrong yet today unless you count ignoring my 5 AM alarm to workout this morning. Which isn’t really an “accident”…it’s really quite predictable.

I’m just in a bit of a…funk, shall we call it? I have no good food to share with you, and as this is a cooking blog, that’s somewhat problematic. I haven’t been grocery shopping in weeks, and worse still, I don’t have that many recipes that are really screaming at me to be made. But fret not, I menu planned last night and I will dig my way out of whatever this is.

And in the meantime? We’re going to oggle over one of my bestie’s recent blog posts. Carina is a fabulous wedding photographer, designer, planner extraordinaire, and nothing quite makes my morning like going through my blog roll, coffee in hand, and landing on another one of her fabulous shoots, like the below jewel toned inspiration shoot.

Head over to the feature on 100 Layer Cake or directly to her blog to see more. It’s worth it, I promise.



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