Tuesday Shoesday

A few weeks ago I talked about my bestie’s upcoming nuptials. Actually I was talking about her upcoming bachelorette party, which is wayyy more fun. No offense Laura. I just don’t think giant penis decor will be present at your wedding. Which is fun. Admit it.

Miss Laura Lynn gave us complete creative liberty when it comes to our outfits for her big day, which is kind of awesome, but also kind of terrible at the same time. It’s a lot of pressure to find the perfect outfit for your best friend’s big day. I’m wearing a blush, lace dress so now for the fun part: the shoes.

Without further ado, I welcome you back to my Tuesday Shoesday fantasy land, where money nor heel height matters in the least.

My dream pair of shoes? These nude Loubies.


But the Jimmy Choo heels aren’t far behind…


And these Valentino couture pumps? Probably a little over-the-top with the whole bow thing. But then again, I kind of love over-the-top.


Thoughts? Anyone know where I can get a tree that grows money so I can buy all three?


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Shoesday

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