Friday Faves

There have been some seriously beautiful weddings floating around the blogosphere lately and I just have to share a couple details of my faves…

First up? This absolutely stunning wedding ring. I swear to you, if an obese, sweaty, smelly, hairy man with zero redeeming qualities proposed to me with this ring, I might actually say yes. I’m just kidding, I wouldn’t really say yes. Ok, fine, maybe I would.


That wedding ring belongs to an equally stunning bride who celebrated her wedding in the Florida Keys. I’m all about destination weddings, especially when they look like this.


Aaaaaand this bride? Major girl crush.


Her poolside nuptials in Walla Walla? Pretty gorgeous too. Less really is more.


Also, I love this bride (and groom) even more for having these floaties present for the reception:


I’m also loving on this Santa Barbara wedding. The setting is just too perfect.



If one of you out there is planning a wedding like one of these, please invite me. I promise I’ll bring a good gift.


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