Tuesday Shoesday: A Bachelorette Party

I need to take a moment to talk about my bestie’s upcoming bachelorette party. Yours truly was tasked with planning the whole shindig, and I couldn’t.be.more.excited. Party planning is my not so secret passion in life. And the fact that this one is a celebration for one of my best friends, who’s marrying a guy that I love almost as much as I love her is just icing on the cake. I mean, really. If you asked me to handpick a guy for each of my friends, I hands down couldn’t find a better match for Laura.

So, yeah…I’m just a tad bit excited. We decided to do a girls weekend getaway in Chelan on the lake. Here is a peek at the invitations that my friend, Cami, so graciously offered to design.


Cami, my roomie Sam, and I all had a girls night (involving lots of cheese and wine) to assemble the invites. Cami HAND PAINTED the addresses on the envelopes in calligraphy. Hand painted. My friends are so talented it’s actually painful sometimes.

We just passed the one month countdown, which means I need to find something to wear to this fête. The theme for our night on the town is “black dresses to mourn Laura’s single days”, and I’m thinking a bright, fun pair of dancing heels are exactly what I need to complete my outfit.

Perhaps a pair like these Charlotte Olympia pumps? They also come in pink…


If only they didn’t cost almost as much as the rent on my apartment. Sigh.



4 thoughts on “Tuesday Shoesday: A Bachelorette Party

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  4. Where do you pump them up? Do they make you jump higher? They look a little different than the ones Reebok used to make.

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