Menu Mondays: Post-Birthday Detox

I am one seriously spoiled girl.


I had the most.wonderful.birthday.weekend.ever. Except for on my birthday morning when I woke up to the not so cute sight of my dog’s bright pink, goopy, oozy, gross eye. Did you know dogs could get pink eye? Neither did I. A quick trip to the vet and $90 later….

However, as a result of said amazing birthday weekend, I am feeling as though a detox is in order. Like, spinach. Every day. And nothing else.

(Just kidding, I would never be able to exist on spinach alone. I love food too much.)

So this week, I’m thinking salads are in order. Salads, and maybe some lightened up versions of some other good eats. And fish tacos. Because my week wouldn’t be complete without them. Also, in an effort to reduce my meat consumption, I was planning to start doing a “Meat Free Monday” thing. So I put salad on tonight’s menu. And only just now realized that just because it’s salad doesn’t mean it’s meat free. Sooo maybe I’ll start that next week.


Monday: Thai Crunch Chicken Salad

Tuesday: Lightened Up Chicken Enchiladas

Wednesday: My birthday celebration continues with my coworkers taking me out to happy hour. Like I said, I’m spoiled.

Thursday: Fish Tacos

Friday: I no longer bother putting Fridays on my weekly menu. We all know that whatever I have planned will be scratched in favor of eating out or happy hour.

For breakfasts this week, I’m switching up routine of just a boring protein ol’ smoothie. I’m thinking mini vegetable and bacon quiches. Easy to make ahead and then grab and go in the morning. Because for some reason, waking up 10 minutes earlier to cook myself a hearty breakfast is beyond the realm of possibility in my world.


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