Friday Faves: Spring Essentials

Let’s pretend I didn’t just use the phrase “spring essentials”. Obviously, these are not essentials. The only “essentials” in life are oxygen, food and water. And water that turns into wine.

However, if I had a tree that grows money, these are some of the items I’d be hanging in my closet this spring…

I’d start with a flowy , drapey (no, neither of those words are actually words) light blouse, like this one from Topshop:


Then I’d work out every day for 2356135 days so I could wear these mint skinny jeans from Gabriella Rocha:


I’d top off the look with some cute wedges or booties and a pair of Ray Ban aviators:


And maybe a spring scarf. Like this one via Gap.


Oh, and this watch from Kate Spade:

KS watch

What’s in your closet this spring? Better yet, what are you wishing was in your closet this spring?

Happy Friday!


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