Tuesday Shoesday: Spring Booties

One thing I absolutely swore up and down would be making an appearance in my closet this past fall/winter were booties. And no, not the military type ones that are super masculine and not at all flattering. You are not a paratrooper, this is not Band Of Brothers, and Pioneer Square is not a drop zone. Go back to wearing Frye boots. You look stupid.

I’m talking the cute, feminine booties. Like, with a heel. Or a wedge heel. Or even a buckle or two, if ya wanna get cray cray with it. Unfortunately for me, someone who is extremely anal about money cares about me very much put me on a budget. Oh, my bad, fun police. Some of us like to live a little are still learning the importance of investing while we’re young.

Sadly, I missed the bootie train this year. That phrase sounds like it could be taken a very different way than I meant it. However, this pair of Paul Green booties could totally be worn intro spring and summer:


Also, these don’t look that cute in the picture, but I saw a girl in the office rocking them the other day and they were adorbs. I then creepily walked by a 2nd time to confirm that they were, in fact, Toms booties:


Again, totally not my style, but I’m kinda in love with these BC Footwear wedges:


And finally, these are just too good to pass up. If you know anyone, and I mean ANYONE, who would wear these shoes, please send them promptly to me so I can b&$#*@% slap them.


In case you were wondering, these shoes retail for $990. DSW had them marked down to $399. Gee, I wonder why they were on clearance.


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