Menu Monday

Happy Monday. Jk it’s Monday and the only people who say “happy” and “Monday” in the same breath are the ones who fill their portable coffee cups with booze rather than coffee. Just remember to fake blow, so people think there’s actually hot coffee in your cup. I’ve never done this, I’m just saying if I were to do it, I’d make sure to fake blow.

It’s week 3 and I’m still going strong with “eating clean”. A few small hiccups here and there, like the evil evil woman at my office who brought in cupcakes stuffed with an entire Oreo + Oreo frosting, but overall, I’m hanging in there. My energy is up, my weight is (ever so slightly) down, and I’m feeling really good.

pizza margherita

That nonsense being said, I really wanted a delivery pizza this weekend. Like, really wanted it. Neeeeeeeded it. Cheese + carbs + more cheese? Heaven. Stomach-ache that would result from it? Not so much.

So this week, I’ll be addressing the pizza craving. And the cheese craving. And the generally unhealthy food craving that you can make (semi) healthy when you cook it yourself.

Monday: Homemade pizza on the BBQ. I’m thinking 1 classic kind (pizza margherita?) and 1 crazy talk kind (like pizza bianca with fontina, roasted red pepper, artichoke, mushroom, and…zucchini? Say whaaaat?)

Tuesday: Happy hour. Again. It’s for a friend’s birthday. Don’t judge.

Wednesday: Grilled blueberry BBQ salmon

Thursday: Healthy crunchy onion rings and grilled flank steak

Friday: I browsed the internet for approximately 23.5376 minutes looking for a good Friday recipe and then realized it’s Friday and I’ll probably be at happy hour. Again….

Have a lovely week.


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