Friday Faves: New England Dreamin’

I may not actually be from Boston, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get “homesick” for the city I love so much. Many of my happiest childhood memories are of long summer days spent at the beach in Maine, sand in every crevice, and the salty air filling my nostrils. The memories are endless — my mom and aunts singing, “I can smell the ocean air, doo da, doo da” at the top of their lungs, my dad helping us kids build wicked big sand animals, combing the beach looking for an intact sand dollar…

Every year as summer starts to inch closer, I feel the familiar twinge of missing all those fun times with my family (loud and crazy as they are) and catch myself daydreaming of lobster, steamers, and all things New England. So join me in my dreamland on this lovely little Friday…

A laid back lobster bake rehearsal dinner with the love of your life + your entire families? Please be my real life someday:


These buoy tea towels might just make the perfect addition to my mother’s kitchen (and yes, I had to Google how to spell “buoy”…4 times):


For reals? Lobster bib save-the-dates? C’mon. Please stop.


Are these Sperry wedges way too over-the-top nautical? Probably. Do I love them anyway? Hells to the yeah.


This pillow will look beautiful in my future beach house. A girl can dream, ok?


And finally, this quote, which couldn’t be more true:


Happy weekend, lovelies.


2 thoughts on “Friday Faves: New England Dreamin’

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