Tuesday Shoesday: Coral + Grey

In my perfect (imaginary) world, I am only 5’7″, which allows me to wear any heel height I want to. In the real world, I am 5’9.5″ (yes, the extra half inch is important), which means that a pair of modest heels puts me at 6 feet tall. Or more. Which would be great, if I were a model. Alas, I am not.

So welcome to my perfect (imaginary) world, where these are the beauties would be on my feet all spring and summer.

I don’t even think I need to explain these Halogen wedges:


These wedges from Cole Haan get bonus points for comfort, and they come in nude too:


And last but not least, these Prada wedges, because in an imaginary world, money doesn’t count…



Happy Tuesday.


One thought on “Tuesday Shoesday: Coral + Grey

  1. In this imaginary world are you also graceful enough to wear these shoes?? I’m pretty sure you would fall and break your neck!! Just saying

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