Confessions: I Am a Crazy Dog Lady

I’ll admit it. I totally judge people who obsess over their animals. You feed your dog an all-organic, super fancy, raw food diet that costs $3167362768 per pound? Yep, I’m judging. You upload 14 pictures a day of your animal to Facebook/Twitter/Instagram? I’ll remove you from my feed. Your animal has more emotional problems than an abandoned kid in an orphanage in Africa? Definitely judging.

Worst offender: people who dress their animals up in clothing. Nothing elicits a judgmental thought from me like a dog in a rain coat.

The scary thing is, ever since I adopted my dog, I’m starting to look just the tiniest bit like one of those crazy pet owners.

Exhibit A:


That’s my dog. In bunny slippers for Easter. And a bandana. Also, in the interest of full disclosure, she has bows on her ears, you just can’t see them from this angle. I told the woman at PetSmart not to worry, that I don’t actually dress my dog in clothing, it’s just a joke for the holiday. She rolled her eyes at me and said, “Uh huh. Sure.”

Oh, judgy judgy.


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