Happy Friday


We made it! The week is finally over, and we can all go celebrate with happy hour! Well, everyone but me, because for some reason I thought it’d be fun to spend my weekend prepping for a 10K race with my big brother on Sunday.

Typically, whenever I start looking for races that I might want to run, the first thing I check is the elevation map of the course. If there are hills, count me out. Like seriously, one major hill and I’m running the other direction (or walking slowly, preferably with ice cream in hand). So, imagine my surprise yesterday when it occurs to me that I haven’t checked the elevation map for my race on Sunday. I open my laptop, search “Mercer Island 10K”, and to my horror, this is what I find: the race “features a wealth of rolling hills along the way, as well as a few uphill challenges”.


“Features”? It “features” these hills? Like it’s some sort of PRIZE?! Um, no. To whoever wrote that race description, I’d like to cage fight you. Sorry, you’re right, that’s not very ladylike of me. I take it back.

So, while all of you lovelies are sleeping in and enjoying a nice little Sunday brunch, think of me. And if I’m not back by Monday, send out the search dogs. I’ll be the one face-down on the uphill concrete.

At least it’s for a good cause, right?


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